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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Love after Love

Dear Sommer and Mouthias,

In recent weeks you have mentioned vampires on your Web site. After reading what you have to say on the subject, I have to conclude that you are either grossly misinformed or you are relying on an unreliable source. Vampires are not inherently evil, and they are not a necessarily a menace.

I researched vampires for many years, and have written that they are, in fact, the product of kabalistic magic. Using much the same formula that is used to create a golum (a creature of stone that is magically brought to life), a second spirit is infused in a living man. This second spirit gives the man superhuman powers, but also makes him particularly sensitive to light.

The first double-spirited men -- now known as vampires -- were created by kabalistic magicians during the inquisition as a means to fight the inquisitors. Although they had to act in secret, their fight was largely successful. The fact that vampires were originally created to fight a corrupted church also explains why vampires are so easily upset by the appearance of crosses.

The reason that vampires now have such a bad rep is that if the magic that binds their second spirit to them is not periodically renewed, their mind begins to age, even though their body remains young forever. This leads to a specific kind of madness, often expressed in unnatural desires (e.g. for blood). Fortunately, someone with experience in the particular kind of kabalistic magic needed to create a vampire can restore a vampire to sanity. If we could encourage this, vampires would once again be a force for good.

Thank you.



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