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Coin-Operated Rides & Pastries

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Enemy's Plan

And for an entremet for the first course pikes cooked in three manners, that is fried in the middle, the third toward the head boiled, and toward the tail roasted, others boiled in the middle, roasted toward the head, fried toward the tail; and so that the said fish are called endored pilgrim pike they should have a good lamprey roasted on top which will be the staff of the aforesaid pilgrims -- and he who does not have a lamprey should take an eel -- and the said staff, that is the aforesaid lamprey, should be eaten with lamprey sauce, and the eel with green garlic verjuice, and the pikes should be eaten with the boiled with green sauce, the fried and the roasted with green verjuice or with oranges.


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